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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

I Will Design Heart Touching Book Cover And Ebook Cover

I am a professional graphic designer. There is one thing I have learned over the years, it's that the front page of our book decide the book importance. First impression is important for us you know better.
If you are stare for someone to design professional Ebook cover seek no more!
I’m the right guy for you! 

I will help you to design effective and attractive Ebook cover. My services are efficient, affordable and trustworthy. My selfless services will surely satisfy you. Working is my passion and I consider that hardworking is the way for progress.
If you are not serious about making your book attractive, this offer isn't for you.
I will give you many revision until you are not satisfied.If you are not satisfactory i will refund 100% .

Thursday, November 22, 2018

How to Become Top Rater Seller on Fiverr

How to Become Top Rater Seller on Fiverr

How to Become Top Rater Seller on Fiverr

A Top Rated Seller is pretty much the highest seller status you can achieve at Fiverr.
There are three level of sellers: Level One, Level Two, and Top Rated Seller.
Unlike the first two levels, you can’t automatically become a Top Rated Seller. You need to be selected, evaluated, and approved by Fiverr editors in order to join this exclusive group.Becoming a Top Rated Seller can take a while, sometimes even months, but it’s always worth it, especially when you want to grow your Fiverr business,


Fiverr’s Criteria

Gig: Is your Gig unique, well-presented, and highly sought-after?
Volume of sales: The more sales you’ve made, the better.
Rating: The higher your buyers rate you, the better.
Professionalism: How well do you present yourself and your Gig?
Customer service: How have you shown your buyers that you care about them?
Community leadership: How involved are you with the Fiverr community?
Seniority: How long have you been a Fiverr seller?
It may be a difficult and trying process to hit all of the criteria right on the head, but it’s certainly doable!
Without further ado, here are the steps we recommend for you to meet our criteria, as well as get on our radar, wow us, and make us want to bring you on board as a Top Rated Seller: 
Fiverr does not reveal their exact criteria for being a top rated seller. All TRS promotions are given manually, and at Fiverr's choosing. The only thing that you can do is be a very good seller, deliver top-quality work, and work hard to earn a high seller rating.

Top Rated Sellers are manually chosen by Fiverr editors. Promotion is based on criteria including: seniority, volume of sales, extremely high rating, exceptional customer care and community leadership. As a Top Rated Seller, you’ll gain access to more extensive sales tools, early access to beta features and VIP support.
We value good character. In fact, we value it so much that we’ve created a set of golden rules of Gig success. Yes, you guessed it. There are only three rules, and it’s to:
§  Be respectful
§  Be true
§  Be professional
We choose our Top Rated Sellers based on their ability to reflect our principles, which are creativity, independence, honesty, respect, and professionalism. Be awesome and you’ll make it to Top Rated Seller!
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How Rank Your Gig at Top of Fiverr ?

How Rank Your Gig at Top of Fiverr ?

How Rank Your Gig at Top of Fiverr ?

We know you want to rank your gig on the top of the page.It is easy and simple.
  1. spend more than 1 hour in fiverr account daily
  2. Use Accurate Tags
  3. Get visitors to your gig.
  4. get Favourite your gig
  5. Add Video
  6. Have New Offers (Unique Services)
  7. Relevant Category
  8. Keyword
  9. Tip

  • spend more than 1 hour in fiverr account daily

        spend more Time for Yourfiverr account Promotions daily and make Strategies for gig Promotions, For GRAPHICS DESIGNER Click Here

  • Add Video

    This is a big factor that no only does fiver recognize as very important but plays a major part in its ranking criteria. Personally your customers may not even care whether you show a video or not although its does build some level of trust for sure but with fiverr its essential.Graphic Designer Click Here

  • Have New Offers

    . Now on one sense this is ridiculous right why on earth would you have a new offer when others are already popular and have been ranked for longer but with the reverse herd mentality you can stand out like a hot cross bun by freshening things up and standing out of the crowd. Of course this can go against you especially if you have categorized what you are selling wrongly. This leads on to my next point.

  • Relevant Category selection

    Choose carefully your category and make sure its congruent to your offer. GRAPHICS DESIGNER Click HERE

  • Keywords for titles

    Not just any only keywords but laser targeted buyer keywords with a punch.Ask yourself if you were looking for this gig as a buyer what words would you use to search? Remember Fiverr like ebay is a buyers playform so think like a buyer.
  • Remember you want to get as close as you can to 100% ratings to rank as high as you can. So do what ever you can to make your customers have that wonderful clown smile all the time and answer as many queries as possible. Be helpful and you will be fine.
  • I hear cases of people using fake vistors to fiverr gigs, its madness. Do this right with your ethics in the right place. Send real people to your gigs using facebook, twitter to add even more exposure. Always believe in your product and ask for constant feedback from your fiverr gigs.
  • think its personally worth finding the top fiverr sellers and buying a few of their offers and seeing what they are doing and model the best. How are they presenting their offers.What perception do I have of their offers in relation to other sellers. 

  • Tips

    .Other tips I can give for ranking are do more than what´s expected of you, which means over deliver on the value. Do more than your competitors on fiverr are doing, stand out be the bees knees and be the best as otherwise your competitors will beat you to the punch. Rise above the crowd with excellence and amazing quality.
Not just one word of warning you don't want to be working 18 hour days just to deliver $5 offer. which means you need to find something you can work less like do in 10 mins packed with value and sell more units. Reputation is everything so focus on delivering maximum quality, show a portfolio of your work through loads of samples with your work especially if its copywriting, graphics, logos etc

How to Increase Your Earning on Fiverr

How to Increase Your Earning on Fiverr

How to Increase Your Earning on Fiverr

Earning money on Fiverr? That’s great , but not earning enough ? no worries today i will be showing you How To Make More Money On Fiverr, Earning money on Fiverr is not difficult, but it is difficult to earn more, now a days competition is very high on Fiverr, you need to be perfect in every aspect in order to earn more on Fiverr. For  graphics designer Click Here
1)Effectively Setup Gig OnFiverr :
2) Returning Customers  :
3) 5 Star Rating :
4) Free Previews :
5) Response Time :
6) Gig Extras :
7) Tips :
8) Setup Multiple Gigs :
9) Share Your Gigs :
10) Don’t Copy Others :

1) Effectively Setup Gig On

 Fiverr :

This is by far the most important thing, that’s why i have listed it as no 1 tip to increase sales on Fiverr. Setting up gig effectively on Fiverr is very important, as it reflects what kind of person you are, it can differentiate between a professional freelancer and a amateur in first glance. As this is a very vast topic so i have written a complete guide on Effectively Setting Up Gig on Fiverr.

2) Returning Customers 

Returning customers are always good customers, you can earn more if you have returning customers, i have some customers who are returning for my service for years now, so always make ever lasting relationship with your customer, always over do, for example if some one pays you to write 300 words article end up providing 500 words article, in this way you will end up as good seller in eyes of buyer so for next article he will prefer you.

3) 5 Star Rating :

Don’t run for money on Fiverr run for ratings on Fiverr, as if you have tons of 5 star ratings, buyer will run for you, always ask for 5 star rating to the buyer, if someone orders your gig and you are not capable for completing that, immediately cancel order instead of getting negative review for bad work.
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4) Free Previews :

Provide free Previews in this way you can earn more on Fiverr,for example if you design E_books, mention in your Gig i can give you free 1 page preview, in this way buyer will be confident in buying your Gig, and they will know what they are getting. In long run you will end up getting large order. I have been using this trick to earn more from Fiverr.

5) Response Time :

For the last few months Fiverr is giving lot of stress to response time, And in my own research i have found that Fiverr ranks gigs on Response time also, so in order to reduce your response time on Fiverr. Photo Editing Click Here

6) Gig Extras :

So now that’s good feature for me , with gig extras you can earn more , be creative with your Gig extras, for example if you design logo’s you can add gig extra for project file, in this way you can earn more by doing nothing extra. Fiverr Gig extras can increase your earning significantly  if used correctly.

7) Tips :

Don’t hesitate in asking for tips to your buyer, i always ask for tips but in gentle and create manner, like if buyer likes my work i ask for tip when i complete order, i simply add words ” Any tips Accepted “, be creative with this , you can earn with this.Now Fiverr has also introduced tip feature, with which chances of getting tips has increased. FOR SERVICES Click On Here

8) Setup Multiple Gigs :

Setup multiple Gigs, don’t just simply setup only one Gig, multiple hooks can increase the chance of catching the fish, same way on Fiverr setting up multiple gigs can increase the chance of getting sale.

9) Share Your Gigs :

Always share your gigs on Social Media, let the world know that you freelance on Fiverr. Sharing your gig can increase the chance of getting sales. FOR SERVICES CLICK HERE

10 ) Don’t Copy Others :

Be natural and creative , don’t copy others, try to come up with your own ideas, instead of copying others, in this way you can get more sales, i have 8 gigs on Fiverr, in which 3 are my own idea and guess what they are selling like crazy and no bodies buy’s my other gigs.